Using openWordnet-PT to improve VIVO

VIVO is an open source semantic web application for research 
discovery. The power of VIVO relies mainly on the VIVO-ISF ontology and its expressivity to represent all information about researchers and the research domain. VIVO-ISF makes all those types of information interconnected and browsable in the VIVO application. Nevertheless, although VIVO has good support for faceted search across disciplines, it is still not anything more than a keyword-based search engine. That is; it is still not using the power of semantics for information retrieving. OpenWordnet-PT is a lexical-semantic resource describing (Brazilian) Portuguese words and their relationships. It is modelled after and fully interoperable with the original Princeton WordNet for English, relying on the same identifiers as WordNet 3.0. We present ideas to use openWordnet-PT to empower VIVO providing two usable services: concepts disambiguation and query expansion.