A working prototype for vizualizing VIVO linked open data - toward a new VIVO LOD browser

2015-08-18T14:20:02Z (GMT) by Don Elsborg
VIVO intially shipped with flash vizualizations which were limited to viewing particular subsets of local VIVO data. Other similar profiling applicaitons have similar visualizations which have a limited range of data which can be view.

This working prototype will actively demonstrate web based javascript browsing of VIVO data. All VIVO data. VIVO data which can cross multiple web sites, domains, and institutions. The visualization utilizes standard VIVO jsonld renderings of individuals and classgroups which VIVO can deliver "out of the box", hence additional services like SPARQL endpoints are not required.

The talk will explore the funcationality required to view data properties and classes, display VIVO images, utilize various graph displays such as sunburts and radial graphs. What VIVO data should be displayed to an end user. It's important to show real meaningful information in a simple manner that's easy to digest. How and where should this be done? What was required by the javascript developer to accomodate the VIVO model? 

The prototype is a work in progress. The source code will be freely available and can be used to vizualize data in any VIVO system.