Leverage Your VIVO Profiles with Modern Metrics to Tell the Stories of Your Research

You have implemented VIVO – created the researcher profiles, associated research output with the researchers and have massaged the metadata to meet your standards. Now what? What value can you get for this work? 

PlumX from Plum Analytics is an impact dashboard that utilizes modern metrics, aka altmetrics, to uncover and tell the hidden stories of your research output. By integrating your VIVO profiles with PlumX profiles you uncover what is happening with research output. This is especially helpful for recent research and early-career researchers. This helps you answer questions you could not answer before. For example, who is engaging with my research? What societal impact is my research having? How do I showcase my research for grant opportunities? 

Texas A&M has integrated VIVO and PlumX. We will showcase the TAMU VIVO-PlumX system and how the library is using the tools to advance faculty online identity, support departmental development of program narratives, and address TAMU’s strategic plan, Vision 2020.