ORCID iDs in VIVO: More than just another piece of flair!

2015-08-18T15:15:25Z (GMT) by Elizabeth Krznarich
Since 2012, ORCID (orcid.org) has been pursuing its goal of addressing the name ambiguity problem in scholarly communications by maintaining a registry of unique and persistent researcher identifiers. ORCID also provides a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers by connecting to external systems and resources. Due to these linkages and the persistence of an individual’s ORCID identifier throughout their career, ORCID possesses a unique capacity to serve as a hub connecting researchers to research activities and outputs. 

With the recent release of version 1.7, VIVO is now among the growing set of applications and resources that support linkages to ORCID. By enabling the ORCID features within VIVO, local VIVO administrators can allow researchers to display a link to their ORCID identifier on their VIVO profile and (optionally) to display a link to their VIVO profile on their public ORCID record. 

While new options and features to experiment with are often welcome additions to any software application, the real advantages of linking VIVO profiles to ORCID identifiers may not be immediately obvious. This poster will explores the potential benefits of linking VIVO profiles to ORCID identifiers, for both individuals and institutions, and provides relevant use cases. 

Use cases to be addressed include: 

Institutions: Tracking graduate outcomes for internal analysis and reporting purposes 

Institutions: Tracking early career progress for external reporting requirements 

Individuals: Collocating research activities and outputs from multiple institutions