POSTER: VIVO at Brown University

Brown University went live with its VIVO installation, “Researchers@Brown,” in May 2014. The platform serves as the main public portal for information about Brown faculty: their appointments, publications, areas of specialty, and more. In March 2015, one year later, Brown’s VIVO hosted nearly 60,000 unique users, making it one of Brown’s most popular websites. 

Our poster will describe the current state of the VIVO project at Brown, and how we arrived here. We will cover staff support, surveying and working with faculty, and local modifications to the VIVO ontology. In addition, we have extended the base VIVO installation with a number of features. These include: 
--a custom web-based editing interface, for faculty and their delegates to manage their profiles 
--publication harvesting from CrossRef and PubMed 
--a JSON data feed pushing VIVO data to other Brown web services 
--synchronizing local resources with external data sources, like Wikidata and OCLC’s FAST vocabulary service 
--a modified presentation layer 

We will provide an overview of these systems, our data sources and workflow, and near-term plans for future development. All together, this poster will provide a broad look at the particulars of the Brown VIVO installation, and the environment within which it operates.