The Value of the Librarian in Implementing VIVO

In 2014, the University of Virginia began implementing VIVO using Symplectic Elements as a primary source of publication data. A team of librarians at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library worked to precurate 1,150 profiles for School of Medicine faculty. This work enabled the project to commence at a faster rate than anticipated. Precuration also helped alleviate potential concerns faculty may have had over initial false positive citations and allowed librarians to create customized filters that ensured a high degree of accuracy moving forward. As the product was introduced to departments, the library adopted a curation support role, providing training through consultations, online tutorials, and drop in clinics. The success of the precuration strategy established the library is a key project member, creating additional roles for the library including administrative reporting and data architecture. This paper will discuss the value of library participation in the implementation of VIVO and make an argument for its continued inclusion throughout other facets of the project. The team based curation strategy, lessons learned, and perceived value added will be discussed in detail.