VIVO in a networked research ecosystem

One of the goals stated in the VIVO Strategic Plan 2015-2016 is to promote a more open and networked research ecosystem (Goal 2). As more systems become interconnected, the demand for systems integration and interoperability increases but the problems become more complex. 

System of systems (SoS) refers to a set of operationally and managerially independent systems interacting with each other to provide capabilities which cannot be accomplished by any single system. SoS has its own characteristics and challenges, such as emergent behavior and evolutionary development. SoS principles and methods can be applied to the networked research ecosystem and can be helpful in identifying the pain points and opportunities as well as the requirements for future systems integration across VIVO instances and between VIVO and complementary platforms.

In this presentation we will summarize preliminary work that has been done in a System of Systems approach for a network of VIVOs; review the necessary architecture components; discuss the pros and cons of different integration styles and patterns; identify challenges and opportunities; and highlight some of the SoS level integration requirements for VIVO to function optimally in a networked research ecosystem.