Combining Flexible Faculty Activity Reporting with Public Research Profiles: Converis and VIVO

Research organizations need to fulfill a variety of needs, from enhancing public visibility of scholarly activities to efficiently reporting on faculty activity across campus for accreditation, strategic planning, and faculty evaluation purposes. Converis, a comprehensive faculty activity reporting system, helps universities around the world to minimize the burden on faculty for maintaining a comprehensive record of their activities. Universities use Converis to manage their faculty review processes through customizable workflows and templated reports. Converis enables a seamless integration of institutional data with trusted publication sources such as Web of Science and PubMed, to easily meet grant submission and accreditation requirements. Converis modernizes the faculty activity reporting process through minimizing data entry, leading to efficient administrative reporting and insightful analytics. Curated faculty data from Converis can also populate a rich VIVO instance based on semantic mappings, whereby faculty benefit from enhanced visibility of their scholarly activities through the VIVO application software. Examples of this integration between Converis and VIVO will be shared.