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Tackling Silos and Cultures: VIVO Outreach and Engagement at Duke University

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posted on 2015-08-19, 14:32 authored by Lamont Cannon, Julia Trimmer
What’s the best way to reach faculty members? Most colleges and universities are commonly siloed across schools and departments, so it is a major challenge to effectively communicate with faculty to inform and educate them consistently on any topic. Cultures across schools can be very different -- what is important can vary greatly across disciplines. In addition, we found that by talking with Duke school communicators, administrators, and other teams who have implemented systems in the past, there is no single “best way” in which to consistently reach all faculty. 

Given these issues and challenges, the Scholars@Duke team took a multi-pronged approach to engage our faculty concerning our VIVO implementation (Scholars@Duke). In this presentation, we will discuss our methods of outreach and how we interacted with faculty, power users, data consumers, and other Scholars@Duke stakeholders. We will discuss the successes, as well as, the “not so happy” reactions of faculty with the hope that our methods and strategies help other VIVO institutions add to their “outreach toolbox” at their own institutions.