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The complexity of scholar affiliation in ISNI and VIVO

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posted on 2015-08-19, 14:34 authored by Jing Wang, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Janifer Gatenby
Scholars’ affiliation provides the context for their work and is often represented on the publications and grant applications. However, universities and departments change their names, and scholars change their affiliations, which present challenges for matching and aggregating data among multiple systems. Institutional identifiers are crucial to accurately represent scholars’ affiliations. Institutions may not realize they already have such an institutional identifier, ISNI, and that this identifier has already been disseminated, used by ORCID and included in VIAF and Wikidata. 
In this presentation we summarize the current work of an OCLC Research Task Force on Representing Organizations in ISNI, discuss the challenges of ISNI and VIVO with organizational data, and identify points of collaboration.